Digital Transfer printing is ideal for bold full colour designs, on fabrics that may not be suitable for other print methods

The main advantage to Digital Transfer printing is the ability to print onto almost anything. Print methods like DTG and Screen Printing are brilliant, but only really work well onto cotton and cotton blends, so when you need to print onto a coat or sports wear (among other things), those print methods in most cases are not suitable; this is where Digital Transfer printing comes in.

This print method is primarily used for short print runs, with no minimum order quantity, making it ideal for sportswear or team kits, where individual personalisation is required across the garments.

The prints have a plastic like feel to them, and through the use of the latest technology are highly durable, and bonded firmly with the garment, ensuring with the right care, these will last a long time.

5 Reasons to Digital Transfer Print

1. This technique is most cost effective for smaller volumes.
2. Can print photographic imagery effectively.
3. Durable finish.
4. Inks that do not fade easily after washing.
5. Highest quality, with all of our printing & finishing undertaken here in the US.