Need t-shirts with full coverage all-over printing? Dye Sublimation printing is likely to be the most economical and effective print method for you.

All-over printing has taken the fashion industry by storm; and has seen some of our fashion clients grace the pages of leading publications, including Vogue and GQ.
However, all-over sublimation printing isn’t just for the fashion brands; it’s perfect for any business or organisation looking to really stand out from the crowd. We can print 1 side or both sides of your t-shirt, and through the use of our market leading technology, we can ensure that there are no white gaps under the arms (something common with sublimation printing).

Sublimation inks only stick to polyester, so we always advise going for 100% polyester t-shirts for the best results. We can also print onto poly-cotton blends, however, the print won’t be as vibrant compared to our 100% polyester products.


Elite Art Lab is your t-shirts, leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, sweaters, tank tops and more as pre-sewn finished garments. This method is best for achieving printed all over jumbo artworks that extend off to the sleeves and both front + back panels of your t-shirt for example


We also offer cut panel sublimation also commonly referred to as cut pieces printing. Cut panels are printed either in a block form or in pattern form and can be printed edge to edge with no inconsistencies that come with all over printing on pre-sewn (finished) garments. Cut panel printing allows for engineered prints to be placed and scaled as desired with more control over placement and position

5 Reasons to Sublimation Print

1. All over printing.
2. Cost effective for larger volumes.
3. Lasting finish that won’t crack or peel off.
4. Stunning Inks that do not fade easily after washing.
5. Highest quality, with all of our printing & finishing undertaken here in the US.