Screen printing is likely to be the most economical and durable print method.

Screen printing is one of the most economical ways to get your designs onto clothing products, such as t-shirts, and ensures a high quality, striking finish. If your design has few colours and you’re looking for something durable, screen printing is likely the best option. Additionally, we can Pantone match our inks to your requirements.

Elite Art Lab is a high end wholesale and business to business // B2B boutique style screen printing and t-shirt printing factory in Los Angeles, CA focusing strictly on quality over quantity.  We mainly specialize in waterbase screen printing, discharge screen printing, and photographic screen printing in LA. We also do custom wholesale bulk t-shirt screen printing all made in LA. We offer wholesale jumbo and all over screen printing as well as offer the wholesale products to our B2B customers.

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For environmental and ecological reasons we would always recommend plastisol over water-based and special inks.

5 Reasons to Screen Print

1. Extremely low cost for large print runs.
2. Rapid turnaround, ideal for tight deadlines, or big orders.
3. Highest quality, with all of our printing & finishing undertaken here in the US.
4. Pantone matching available.
5. Eco friendly inks.

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